Why Building Pyramids?

Hello! I am Theresa Kenny, a 50-year old Christian wife and mom of 4, writer, blogger, freelance copy editor, direct support professional (DSP) at a group home…I fill a LOT of different roles.

Although I have a lot of varying interests, it is writing that fills my soul. I love everything about it…from creating characters for short stories to sharing what God teaches me with devos…there is always something running around in my brain!

So…why did I call this blog Building Pyramids? It’s based on a poem I wrote with the same title. Something we all have in common is that we all have trials we go through. Often those trials bring a lot of work and a lot of pain. But the work we do through the pain has the potential to transform into something beautiful, something that can possibly be used to help someone else.

Here is the poem, “Building Pyramids”:

I have been a slave
Making bricks with dirt and straw
Forced to build pyramids against my will
Why was this Yours?
Building pyramids is hard
And painful
Although I have to admit
The work involved has made me stronger
It didn't look like much from the bottom row of bricks
There was too much dust to see them clearly
But once they were finished
I could see their beauty
And actually take pride in the work I had done
You led me out of Egypt
You parted the Red Sea to give me dry land to walk upon
Your pillar of fire guided my path
And gave me warmth and comfort
You were always with me
You brought me to the Promised Land
And made the fruit of my pain and suffering
One of the wonders of the world

It is my hope to not only share my thoughts and heart on this blog but also to connect with other like-minded people who are earnestly seeking the Lord, wanting to heal from the pain of their pasts, and ready to face their futures. Watch how God takes your trials and transforms them into something amazingly beautiful.


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