Hide and Seek

Today I would like to share a poem with you. It was actually inspired by a short story I had written called “Find Me”, which will be featured in my book I hope to be putting out soon. Hope you like it!

Running around
Zig-zagging through life
Twists and turns
Hiding from my true purpose
Hiding from You
Hearing Your voice
Heading to Tarshish
Ninevah deserves to burn

Softly You whisper
Still I ignore You
I want my freedom
My life, my way
You let me go
To my own foolishness
Suddenly my voyage is not quite as pleasing
The belly of the whale would be a step from this

The best hiding places are in plain view
The world can see me
All my misdeeds, all my errors
The poser Christian
Spouting the right words
Making the wrong choices
I don't want to play this game anymore
You win, Lord
You're "It"
Find me
I will no longer try to hide myself from You
As if I could
Reveal the Truth
Strip away my pride
No matter where I hide
You are always there

Find me
I will not run
I will stand tall
Arms outstretched, heart open
I will seek You
Because You sought me first

You win
And so do I

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