You Are Here

Awakening to a praise song just outside my window
The birds cry out with glee and hurry me along
The moon has begun its slumber, its glow has since diminished
The sun is no longer hiding, its rays announce the dawn

I see the evidence of Your existence
I feel the strength of Your love and mercy
I hear the voices of Your creation blessing Your name
You are here, You are with me

Your words are balm to my battered soul
Your thoughts make my thoughts scatter in the wind
I need You more than I need breath
I need to know with certainty that You will never leave or forsake me

What can I offer the King of the Universe?
I owe You everything and anything You ask of me
All You want is my total surrender
The one thing I am unwilling to give

Why do I fight so hard against You?
Why is my free will more precious to me than You?
Why do I hold onto the things that destroy me
And let go of Your protection?
Foolish, sinful child

The rest of the world has realized the morning has come
The white noise of life covers the quiet of Your peace
I turn away from the window
No longer hearing the birds or seeing the sun
My faith is hiding with the moon

But You are here


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