I Will (Not)

I will gladly praise Your name
Tell everyone I meet how wonderful You are
Share anecdotes of how well You have provided for me
Even slip a twenty to a homeless guy
With a condescending "God bless you"

But I will not submit to Your authority

I will go to Sunday School and prayer meeting
Morning and evening services
I will participate in Bible Study
Aptly listening and soaking it all in
I will even rock toddlers in my lap
Singing silly songs about how much You love everyone

But I will not make You first and foremost in my life

I will get down on my knees
Begging for Your intervention
I will read Your Word
Underlining key passages
Nodding my head emphatically at the sentiment
I will even share those verses with my children
Declaring them to be righteous and true
And strongly encourage them to let those verses guide their lives

But I will not allow Your thoughts to overtake mine

I will sing hymns and praise songs
Magnifying Your majesty
I will worship with fellow believers in corporate assembly
Sharing a smile with members of my church family
I will gladly tithe to help fund projects designed to bring the lost to You
I will even give rides in the church van on Sunday mornings
To children in dubious neighborhoods
As part of my "Christian duty"

But I will not trust You with every aspect of my life

And I will miss out
On the most amazing relationship
I could have ever had

Believing in You is the easy part
Submitting to You is what is difficult

So, I want to change that
I want to experience every benefit
That comes from being Your child
No matter what price needs to be paid

The price has already been paid
By You

I have wasted so much time
Pushing You away
But all that changes



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